How Do Air Conditioners Function?


It’s common knowledge that an air conditioner’s mission is to cool down the temperature and thus maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside your office or your home during the warmest months of summer. But do you have any idea how it actually works? One curious fact you might not be aware of is that an air conditioning installation and a refrigerator function nearly in the same fashion. The only notable difference would be that the fridge merely cools down a small, insulated place, while the air conditioner maintains the air inside an entire room at an ideal temperature.

The full process of reducing the air’s temperature to an agreeable level inside your working space, living space, or even commercial space, is in fact based on an elementary scientific idea, while all the rest is realized through mechanical methods. Let’s see how air conditioners manage to chill your property.

The Process of Chilling Your Property with Air Conditioning

Every air conditioning installation makes use of certain chemicals which transform from gas to liquid and the other way around very swiftly. Those chemicals trap the heat from the air inside the room and take it to the air outside.

Any AC device is made of three main parts: condenser, compressor, and evaporator. The condenser and the compressor are generally situated on the outside part of the AC unit, and the evaporator is located inside the house.

The cooling liquid takes the form of low-pressure gas substance as it enters the compressor. Once that happens, the compressor forces the particles inside the gas together, making the temperature as well as energy levels rise as a consequence.

How Your AC Installation Takes Out Hot Air and Pumps Cold Air

Here’s how air conditioners function to chill your place:

The cooling liquid comes out of the compressor in the form of high-pressure, searing gas, and gets transported to the condenser. The AC unit’s outside section is provided with small metal fins that work very much like a car’s radiator. Their primary purpose is to disperse heat more rapidly.

As a result of the high pressure, the gas is turned back into fluid inside the condenser, and then leaves from it much cooler. The liquid finds its way into the evaporator through a tiny, cramped hole and its pressure lowers as it gets to the opposite side of the passage. Right after this happens, the fluid quickly begins to evaporate back into gas.

In this process, the warmth is taken out from the surrounding air. This warmth is necessary to divide the molecules of the liquid substance into a gas. The metal fins found on the evaporator also facilitate the transfer of thermal energy with the ambient air.

By the time the refrigerating substance gets out of the evaporator, it is again back to being a cold, low-pressure gas. The process commences all over again when the respective gas enters back into the compressor. Also, the evaporator is tied to a fan that aids the circulation of air around the interior of the room and beyond the fins of the evaporator.

The air conditioning unit soaks up air into the tubes through a vent. This absorbed air is used to cool the gas in the evaporator. After that, the tubes release cold air back into the house.

This entire operation carries on until the air inside your home or your office gets to the preferred temperature. As soon as the thermostat senses that the temperature inside reached its chosen level, the air conditioner shuts off. When the room’s atmosphere becomes too warm again, the thermostat automatically signals the air conditioner to turn back on until the desired temperature is reached again.

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