5 Places Hotter Than Jackson County


With summer fading we can all breathe a sigh of relief as temperatures drop. Finally, we can start spending time outside again without longing for our air conditioners. It’s also nice when you get into your car after it’s been parked in the sun all day and you can actually touch the steering wheel without oven mitts. However, before the memories of summer fade we should take a moment to appreciate that although it’s hot here, some people in our great nation have it even worse.


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5. Lake Havasu City, AZ

Although Jackson County has some of the hottest summers in the United States, with average summer highs in the 90°s, our summer highs can’t compete with the blistering 109° averages of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Home to more than 50,000 incredibly resilient folks, who somehow find a way to survive the summers. Lake Havasu City also holds the all time highest recorded temperature in Arizona with 128°F recorded on June 29, 1994. Now if that doesn’t make you appreciate that cool breeze coming out of your AC nothing will.


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4. Las Vegas, NV

Speaking of ACs, there’s one city that may actually have more Air Conditioning Units than all of Jackson County. Las Vegas, Nevada is known for it’s 115°F Summer highs and 68°F casino floors. Over 20% of all energy consumed by Las Vegas is on air conditioning and that’s not accounting for the refrigeration used to run all those 24 hour buffets. Odds are good that they have some top notch HVAC technicians over there, but I’m willing to bet that our boys at All Seasons could give them a run for their money. That brings me to another rivalry, between two cities fighting to be called the hottest city in America, although why they’d want that title is beyond me.

2. & 3. Lake Phoenix, AZ & Miami, FL

Miami, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona seem to be in a bit of an argument over who’s hotter. While Phoenix boasts an average of 107 days of temperatures above 99°F, Miami rarely get’s above 99°F, but is hot enough year round to have an average annual temperature that’s 2 degrees above Phoenix. Well, six one way half a dozen the other. They’re both way too hot if you ask me, but there’s one place that makes both of ’em seem like the shady side of the pool.

1. Death Valley, Ca

Now if you’re still not thanking the heavens for the miracle of modern ventilation and cooling then try to imagine yourself in the great gran daddy of all hotter than hot, a place so hot it got the nickname “Hell’s Gate,” Death Valley, California. It doesn’t hold just the record highs in America, it holds the highest temperature ever recorded in the entire world! On July 10, 1913 researches from the World Meteorological Organization recorded an unthinkable 134°F at the ironically named Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, Ca. If you’ re still not sweating, just think about getting in your car in that inferno.

Luckily we live in a place that’s not quite that hot and luckily we have the skilled technicians of All Seasons Heating and Cooling to help us keep our HVAC units running in peak condition. I’m sure that even the sweltering heat of good ol’ Death Valley couldn’t stop them from making sure you stay cool.